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Caribbean Design AwardWorking on a new project? Why not share your designs and skills with the region?

The Caribbean Design Awards aims to highlight the many highly skilled architects, designers and builders in the Caribbean region. The center is located in Antigua  and is open to the general public, featuring the competition's winners and bringing awareness to the public about the designers from the Caribbean region.

"The benefits you get both as a designer and a company when you participate in a competition is incredible, you have proven that your skills stand out from the rest of your colleagues in your branch; clients love to work with award winners!" Mr Kaj Ransvi, CDA Founder

Contact Caribbean Design Awards for more information and registration.

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Caribbean ConstructionThe Caribbean construction industry has relied on various types of screw fasteners to build just about every commercial and residential property you see. While screws are commonly used in the Caribbean, they are not always required when it comes to installing metal roofing panels.

Typically an architect or builder decides on a specific design for a project, including the roof, then homeowners get to choose the type of roofing material they want (be it asphalt shingles, tile, or metal).

Homeowners generally lean toward aesthetics with little interest in how the roof will be installed. But, from now on roof installation,  maintenance and performance after installation should rank pretty high on a Caribbean homeowner’s selection of roofing materials process.

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Decorating Concepts for Your Caribbean Villa

Caribbean VillasWouldn’t it be wonderful if summer vacations could last all year round?

Imagine waking up and strolling out to sip a cold passion fruit juice on your rustic veranda, or coming home after a long day at work to relax beside blue waters in the shade of a palm tree?

Well, while that dream is in the pipeline, how about using these Caribbean design ideas to get yourself ready, for when you are ready?

Continue reading here

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Why You Should Be Thinking About a Timber Frame Home

Let’s face it, living anywhere in the Caribbean is a dream come true, so why compromise your lifestyle with a house that is less than perfect?

Opting for a timber frame home will not only be as breathtaking as the island its built on, but it also has several other benefits that other style houses can’t compete with.

Effective Construction

Not only are the materials of timber frame homes lighter and easier to handle, measurements do not have to be perfectly exact to still produce a perfect result. Applying sheetrock, plywood and other materials comes as a less daunting process due to the versatility of timber material. Continue reading here

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Technology plays a pivotal role in the day to day running of many business, homes and personal lives in the Caribbean. Today’s ever changing technological environment encourages inventors who are constantly revealing new products and gadgets geared at making professional and personal lives more efficient, practical, convenient and adaptable.

The more common gadgets are found in education, marketing, sports and networking however, the quiet occupation of roofing does have its own “gadgets collection”.

Roof installation entails a number of different processes, and manufacturers are continually coming up with new tools to make the modern roofer’s job more efficient. Here are some old and new tools that just might come in handy when you’re next roofing a Caribbean villa. Continue reading Gadgets for Caribbean Roofers.

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Carib Build Caribbean Real Estate ShowThe 1st International Caribbean Building, Construction & Real Estate Exhibition, CARIB BUILD and REAL ESTATE SHOW, will take place at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, from 19- 21 September 2017. The event will be organised by AME Trade Ltd.

CARIB BUILD will showcase the major construction projects taking place in the Caribbean & allow companies to bid for new ventures.

It will also allow companies in the building industry to promote their products and services to launch new brands, expand their sales distribution network and even target consumers directly. The CARIB Real Estate Show is a window of promotion for all types of housing in the Caribbean region, allowing buyers to find out how they can get on or climb the property ladder.

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