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Plumbing for a Caribbean Home

3 Ways to Simplify Eco-Friendly Plumbing Solutions for a Caribbean Home

Marine and coastal ecosystems are important in the prevention of coastal erosion. In order to protect the countries of the Caribbean and the millions of people who live there, it is important to find eco-friendly ways to construct homes without damaging the natural habitats.  When constructing a home in the Caribbean, it’s important to engage in eco-friendly practices that can help ensure precious lands and habitats aren’t damaged, and one way to achieving this is by developing plumbing solutions and processes to suit.
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Buying An Investment Property In The Caribbean?

Thinking of Buying An Investment Property In The Caribbean: Who Can Help?

Plenty of savvy investors make the decision to invest somewhere in the Caribbean every year. On the island of Barbados alone, property is the asset class of choice among 61% of investors, and is much more popular than funds and other options. And it’s easy to see why: people are always looking to live in this part of the world – the weather and lifestyle offers a timeless appeal. Continue Reading Here --->>

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Prepping Your Caribbean Home for Extreme Weather

Tips for preparing your Caribbean home this hurricane season.

Every year between June and November, inhabitants of the Caribbean Islands brace themselves for yet another hurricane season. Thankfully, we still have a few months before the rains, lightening and thunder signal the start of the 2019 hurricane season.

Preparing your home and yourself will not only save lives, but also a lot of money in post-storm home repairs.  Many a times we take warnings for granted and assume that any of the other islands in the Caribbean chain will be the one it goes over, however, ideally during the hurricane season our homes should always be at least half hurricane-ready. Continue reading here --->

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