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Protect Your Property in Hurricane Season from Roof to Foundation
by Thor Downing  |  31st May 2013  |  architectural,engineering,security

Roger Downing and Partners BVI Architectural designThere is more to preparing for hurricane season than securing windows and buying matches if you are staying on island for the storms. And even more to be done if you are leaving island for the season.

The very structure of your home from the foundations to the roof needs to be checked by a professional engineer to make sure that your property will withstand the incredible forces which nature might choose to throw at it.

Hurricanes impose a very heavy loading on a structure, and these loads must be safely transferred to the ground to avoid any damage to the building. Hurricanes cause not only a lateral sideways force on the building as a whole, but also cause upward forces on the roof structure that will try and lift if off. An engineer will ensure that the roof is securely strapped to the foundations and that there is a sufficient strength in the building to allow all the loads to be safely resisted.

Roger Downing and Partners BVI Architectural designTypically the items that require attention will include:-

Insufficient or inadequate strapping to the rafters at the eaves

Insufficient or inadequate strapping of the rafters at the apex of the roof.

*  Corrosion to any of the existing hurricane strapping

Lack of strength in the building to resist the wind uplift.

Timber framed houses are more susceptible to degradation, and will need regular inspection and upgrading. Whereas concrete, which is naturally more resistant to hurricanes, due to the size and the mass of the concrete helping to resist upward forces, still also needs to be checked over regularly, as do steel framed buildings.

Roger Downing and Partners LogoAt  Roger Downing and Partner Co. Ltd. (BVI) our engineers and architects have been designing, constructing and preserving beautiful private homes and commercial properties to withstand tropical sun, rain and hurricane force winds since 1969.

Please give us a call, if you would like to schedule an inspection of you home or for any of your other architectural requirements.

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