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This happy and sunny, bi-lingual (English with French translation) book will take you to a few selected islands of the West Indies: Barbados, Mustique, Bequia, Grenada, and St. Lucia - exploring diversified life-styles as shown in a wide range of homes. From small homes in fishing villages, to heritage plantation houses, designer homes, an extravagant artist's studio, to multi-million-dollar mansions surrounded by sumptuous tropical gardens, and a surprising boutique-hotel that defies all standards.
In 2009, acla:works published MANIKIN: The Art and Architecture of Anthony C. Lewis, a book on the life and work of Tony Lewis, founding father of the firm and the first Trinidad-born architect to set up practice locally.
Caribbean Houses is a lavishly illustrated account of the development of historically significant houses in the West Indies. Author Michael Connors, a West Indian decorative arts scholar, examines venerable houses that remain as a testimony to the rich history and vibrant lifestyle that was, and continues to be, an important part of Caribbean culture.
An illustrated guide to the historical architecture of the Caribbean written by Andrew Gravette - a writer and lecturer, specializing in the Caribbean region.
Reflections on the Pool presents 40 perfect pools in 100 brilliant color photographs. These include the vibrant, Mexican-style architectural design of Ricardo Legorreta and the avant-garde, sensational creations of John Lautner, and illustrate the theories of the renowned landscape designers Thomas Church and Isabelle Greene.
A comprehensive guide to the water maintenance trade. It covers all aspects of pools, spas and other recreational water containment units.
Step-by-step instruction on classic decorative techniques including glazes, simple oil paint, limewash, bronze powders, decoupage, wood stains, antiquing and distressing, crackle varnish and more. This has become the standard book on decorative paint finishes.
No longer just rectangular blue holes surrounded by concrete aprons, today's pools come in myriad shapes and sizes-from square wading pools, long lap pools, round spas, and tear-drop shaped jet pools to elaborate naturalistic pools complete with boulders, vanishing edges, waterfalls, and lush landscaping.
For anyone who has ever wondered why suspension bridges don’t collapse under eight lanes of traffic, how dams hold back—or give way under—thousands of gallons of water, or what principles guide the design of a skyscraper, a nightgown, or a kangaroo, this book will ease your anxiety and answer your questions.
Paint finishes and effects are now established as an essential component of every decorator's range of skills. Here, for the first time in paperback, is bestselling authors Judith and Martin Miller's fully illustrated practical guide to the secrets of the surface finishes and effects that complement period homes and furniture.
Written by an architect with extensive experience designing public and private buildings for the tropics, it offers a wealth of insights and information on a broad range of technical and nontechnical issues.
An exploration of the charm and sophistication of Mexican style, celebrating the variety and beauty of Mexican houses, inside and out.
An exquisitely photographed celebration of the designs and lifestyles of the sun-drenched islands. More than 600 full-color photographs.
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