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Our sister website receives over 19,000 visitors per week, with many of these visitors now turning to Caribbean Home & House as their major resource for finding professional services and products.

Free Listings - ideal for the smaller business
We provide a FREE LISTING for all companies and businesses based in our directory area, involved in the construction industry, or providing household products for home owners. Free listings show the Name, Address and Phone Number and are ideal for small one man, locally based business. For an enhanced listing with more information, email or website address, please contact us.

We offer a significantly discounted paid listing for all Specialist Construction Services and Products based both inside and outside our directory area, where these services and products are aimed at the Caribbean construction industry, or home owners in the Caribbean.

Paid Listings - ideal for medium and larger businesses
We offer paid listings for all other construction related companies and product suppliers offering services or products for the Caribbean, and for all businesses entitled to a free listing, but wishing to upgrade their listing. Contact us for options, which include :-

  • Better Listing Position
  • Enhanced and Enlarged Listing Details
  • Company Logo
  • Company Product Information
  • Photo Gallery
  • Email Address
  • Website Address

We also offer Paid Advertising, with a range of options to suit all budgets for any product or service.

Cannot Find Free Listing
If you are entitled to a free listing and you cannot find your listing, please contact us giving us your full contact information.

Listing Information Needs Revising
If you have a listing and the information shown on your listing is incorrect, please contact us giving us the correct information.

Upgrade Free Listing for Better Position or to Provide More Information
Contact us now, to upgrade your listing for a better position, or to provide more information on your business.

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