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Barbados long been established as an up-market home for the wealthy, with easy access to the island by trans-atlantic aircraft.  Barbados is a coral island, that has been lifted several times over the millenia by a rise in the level of the ocean seabed, creating several distinct tiers of flat land, with steep escarpments between the tiers.

Always a heavily populated island since the establishment of plantations on the island, Barbados has a population of 287,000 inhabitants occupying the 166 square miles of it's island territory.

Property in Barbados tends to be fairly up-market, with a steady demand for property by foreign buyers over many many years helping to maintain a healthy property market.

Most homes in Barbados are constructed on reasonably flat land and use reinforced concrete and in high quality work, locally quarried coral stone and coral stone facings, with traditional properties often constructed with timber shiplap planking.


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