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Guadeloupe is a large island of 629 squre miles, almost cut into two halves by inlets and a canal, the Salt River, that can be navigated by small craft.  The island sits north of the island of Dominica and south of Antigua, with the eastern side of the island generally flat and extensively used for agriculture and tourist resorts, whilst the western side of the island is mountanous with cultivation along the coastal plain and in the valleys.

Guladeloupe's economy is based mainly on tourism and agriculture, with some rum distilling and other agricultural products being produced on the island.

Guadeloupe is the administrative capital for the French Caribbean and is a fully intergrated part of France and the European community, with mainly French produced products in the store and large mainland chains of supermarkets that are scattered around the island.
The property market is mainly dominated by French buyers, with properties priced in euros and tending towards the mid-price range for the Caribbean.

Properties tend to be very varied and come in all shapes and sizes, with a fair smattering of eccentric and eclectic house designs amoungst the more traditional villas and condo buiuldings.

Construction is mainly confined to the fairly level terrain of the eastern half of the island and along the coastal plain of the western side of the island.

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