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Nevis is part of St. Kitts and Nevis and lays just a short distance from the larger island of St. Kitts, north of Montserrat and west of Antigua.

Nevis is a volcanic island and essentially is a one volcano island, with a towering dormant volcano forming the centre of the island of 35 square miles, and hills sloping down to a wide and fertile coastal plain on every side.

The economy of the island is mainly tourism and offshore finances, mixed with a little agriculture, now the once well established sugar industry has now died.

The property market for foreign buyers in Nevis mainly comprises people looking for a long term vacation homes, or for somewhere to enjoy early retirement, with an eventual move back to their home countries as healthcare becomes a greater concern with increasing age.

The property market in Nevis is small with prices between the mid-to upper end of the Caribbean islands with few really cheap properties and a reasonable number of larger homes and plantation style homes available.
Construction is generally on relatively flat land with on specific complications, other than the normal hazards found everywhere else in the Caribbean.

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