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ACLA : Works
Phone +1-868-626-2837

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HQ 002, Fernandes Business Centre, Eastern Main Rd., Port of Spain, Trinidad

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acla:works offers innovative architecture and interior design for discerning clients. We like our projects to begin with a discussion with our clients, as we have found that discussions & regular design reviews, together with our collective expertise, allow for an evolving design strategy, offering major benefits to our clients.

By building on the following principles, acla:works aims to be the prominent architecture firm in the Caribbean by 2020 in terms of image, perception, service level and delivery :-

Good design
Good design is the foundation of a successful practice and our continued growth. Through design, we produce sustainable, functional, and efficient solutions to meet our client's needs.

Over the 65 years of our firm, acla:works has developed an extensive and distinguished track record in the successful delivery of projects.

We meet our client's needs through responsive and inventive design strategies, research, and development.

Design management processes responsive to cost, quality, time, and intent are pursued from the start through the completion of all our projects.


acla:works provides a full range of architectural and planning services. We are members of the Trinidad and Tobago Institute of Architects [TTIA] and, through our team, have affiliations with the Barbados Institute of Architects [BIA], Jamaican Institute of Architects [JIA], American Institute of Architects [AIA] and the Royal Institute of British Architects [RIBA].

Core Services

interior design
additional services
urban planning and design
building information modeling [BIM]
project reviews
space planning

acla:works also has the capability to act as executive architects. Through our partnership with our preferred consultants and our projects throughout the region, we have developed a unique blend of world-class technological expertise and sensitivity to our Caribbean environment.

through our preferred consultants, acla:works offers the following supporting services

feasibility studies
financial funding
geotechnical studies
landscape architecture
mechanical and electrical engineering
project management
quantity surveying
civil and structural engineering


Phone +1-868-626-2837

Contact Us
HQ 002, Fernandes Business Centre, Eastern Main Rd., Port of Spain, Trinidad

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