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The Antigua Architects directory is arranged alphabetically, with featured architects shown first. The directory Search Facility allows searches for architects by name. To view directories for other professions, contractors and services in Antigua, select the appropriate box in the search bar and view the drop down menu.   Click Here for Regional Architects

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Phone +1-868-626-2837
HQ 002, Fernandes Business Centre, Eastern Main Rd., Port of Spain, Trinidad
acla:works offers innovative architecture and interior design for discerning clients. We like our projects to begin with a discussion with our clients, as we have found that discussions & regular design reviews, together with our collective expertise, allow for an evolving design strategy, offering major benefits to our clients.
Phone +1-268-736-7780
Independence Avenue, P.O. Box 2300, St. Johns, Antigua
The Caribbean Design Awards aims to highlight the many highly skilled architects, designers and builders in the Caribbean region. The center is located in Antigua  and is open to the general public, featuring the competition's winners and bringing awareness to the public about the designers from the Caribbean region.
Phone +1-268-562-8454
Airport Road, Saint John's, Antigua
Phone +1-268-460-1489
Old Sail Loft, P.O. Box 39, All Saint's, Antigua
Phone +1-268- 562-2770
Fort Road, Saint John's, Antigua
Phone +1-268-562-5502
P.O. Box 254, Saint John's, Antigua
Phone +1-268-779-7600
P.O.Box W177, St. John's, Antigua
Phone +1-268-462-1047
Scott's Hill, St John, 906, Antigua
Phone +1-268-461-3302
Blue Waters, St. John's, Antigua and Barbuda
Phone +1-268-463-2977
St John's, 1812, Antigua
Phone +1-268-561-3322
P.O. Box W929, Crosbies, St John's, Antigua
Phone +1-268-727-1919
St. Mary's and Cross Streets, P.O. Box 878, St John's, Antigua
Phone +1-268-460-1855
10 Farrell Avenue, Falmouth, St. Pauls, Antigua
Phone +1-268-461-1540
P.O. Box 646, Hodges Bay, Saint John's, Antigua
Phone +1-268-462-5779
Cassada Gardens, St John's, 981, Antigua
27 total listings

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