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Building Materials Suppliers in Antigua & Barbuda

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Phone +1-804-744-7081
5017 Craig Rath Blvd. Midlothian, Virginia, 23112, USA
Phone +011-592-647-2538
21 Land of Canaan, East Bank Demerara, Guyana
South America Lumber was established in 1989, we have since become the supplier of quality lumber worldwide. Our lumbers are resistant to fungal attacks, marine borers and are even known to be bio-resistant. Greenheart, Purpleheart, Ipe and Wallaba are some of the woods that we currently supply for residential, commercial and marine construction needs.
Phone 844-5-STEALTH
11801 Industry Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32218, USA
StealthBond is the first metal roofing system to utilize a structural adhesive for metal roofing installations. StealthBond’s high-strength structural adhesive technology provides a fastener-free installation of traditional 5V Crimp metal roofing panels. This virtually eliminates the thousands of exposed fasteners typical on standard installations. With StealthBond there are no exposed screws for 5V Crimp metal roofing panels, trims and flashings. StealthBond is the Next Generation of Installation.
Phone +1-767-449-7814
Central Mall, Ocean Boulevard, Someville, Caribbean
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Phone +1-268-462-0347
Green Castle, Bandals, Saint John, Antigua
Phone +1-268-462-1496
Independence Drive, Saint John, Antigua
Phone +1-268-481-4470/1
Kentish Road, St. John's, Antigua
Phone +1-268-462-4319
Paynters Industrial Estate, St. George, Antigua and Barbuda
Phone +1-268-480-3800
Tyrells Main Road, St. Paul's, Antigua
Phone +1-268-463-2172
Crabbs Peninsular, St Peter's, Antigua
Phone +1-268-462-1602
Nevis Street, Saint John's, Antigua
Phone +1-268-462-0608
Old Parham Road, St John's, Antigua
Phone +1-268-481-1330/1/2
Briggin's, St John's, Antigua and Barbuda
Phone +1-268-560-7562 | Fax +1-268-788-6482
Off American Road, Saint John's, Antigua
Phone +1-268-562-1195
Herbert's Road, Antigua
20 total listings

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