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The Caribbean Architects Directory is for Architects working in the Caribbean. The Search Facility allows searches for Architects by Name or by Country. To view other professions, contractors and services provided in the Caribbean, select the appropriate box in the search bar and view the drop down menu.   Click Here for International Architects

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Phone +1-473-442-0123
Glaxey, River-Sallee, St. Patrick, Grenada
Phone +506-222-2110
Barrio Escalante, San Jose, Costa Rica
Phone +505-713-2517
Ferret Briones, 1 1/2c al E, Managua, Nicaragua
Phone +1-246-437-7084
Perkins Road, Brittons X Road, St. Michael, Barbados
Phone +1-242-393-6732
P.O. Box SS-6261, Wulff Road, Nassau, Bahamas
Phone +1-787-724-0987
107 San Sebastian, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Phone +1-787-765-7027
656 Avenue Ponce de Leon, Puerto Rico
Phone +1-787-766-2944
356 Calle Cesar Gonzalez, San Juan, 00918-2114, Puerto Rico
Phone +1-868-662-1482
Gypsum Drive, Champ Fleurs, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago
Phone +506-222-4080
Sabanilla, Cedral, San Jose, Costa Rica
Phone +505-252-4065
Los Robles , Plaza El Sol 1c Al S 50vs Al Oe, Managua, Nicaragua
Phone +1-868-627-6612
36 Scott Bushe Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad
Phone +1-787-724-1411
800 Avenue, R.H. Todd Office 209, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Phone +1-868-628-2207
P.O. Box 1112, 3 Gray Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Toabago
Phone +1-868-632-4627
105B Windy Ridge, Diego Martin, Trinidad & Tobago
Phone +501-223-0252
2.5 Miles Northern Highway, Belize City, Belize
Phone +1-345.926.8049
P.O. Box 740, 3-301 Govenors Square, Grand Cayman, KY1-9006, Cayman Islands
Phone +506-225-6733
Montes de Oca, San Jose, Costa Rica
Phone +1-246-624-0584
Thomas Danial Building, 12 Hinck Street Btown, St. Michael, Barbados
Phone +1-787-296-3484
Suite 3025 Monte Mall, San Juan, Puerto Rico

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