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Ayup Limited
Phone +447-799-891-883

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40 Thief Lane, York, North Yorkshire, YO10 3HU, UK

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Ayup Ltd, a York based electrical engineering consultancy is is available for Caribbean projects. 

Examples of previous and ongoing projects include:

Power Generation

Emergency Standby Diesel Generation [2001-2005]
MCI-Worldcom London (2000kVA)
Northumbria University (1000kVA)
Retail centre, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (300kVA)
Anglian Water (1600kVA)
York City Council (200kVA)
Bolton Estates, Wharfedale (50kVA)
Tralee General Hospital (1500kVA)

Renewable Power Generation [1995-2000]
Rainham landfill-gas power station (8MW)
Mucking landfill-gas power station (5MW)
Wind turbine prototype development for Markham & Co.

Critical Systems (High Resiliency Power Distribution)
Technical Room Build-outs
London: 2.0MW capacity cloud services data rooms [2010-2011]
Paris: 560 sq m collocate data centre room [2010]
Marseille: global network room for “Europe-India Gateway”  [2009]
Milan: multiple data rooms (>2000 sq m) for IBM [2006-2011]

Infrastructure Expansion and Upgrade at Verizon Data Centres:
London: 8MVA diesel rotary UPS & LV distribution upgrade [2010-2011]
Oslo: chilled water system improvements [2010]
Stockholm: chilled water system improvements [2009]
Paris: diesel rotary UPS installation [2008]
Milan: chilled water system upgrade [2008-2009]
Milan: multiple diesel rotary UPS installations [2007-2009]
Amsterdam: diesel rotary UPS commissioning [2008]

Electro-mechanical Systems Research and Development

“PEAKFLY” and “FLYTECH” high speed energy storage flywheel research and development projects in collaboration with BMW, Renault, FIAT and Ansaldo. (Research Associate at University of Sheffield)
Design, prototyping and testing of low-loss, high force, active magnetic bearing system for flywheel suspension
Design, prototyping and testing of high speed, high-efficiency (“ironless”) permanent magnet motor and drive system for flywheel energy transfer
Development of resin encapsulation techniques for electro-mechanical components operating in vacuum containments
Research and characterisation of novel soft magnetic composite materials and permanent magnet materials embedded in fibre composites.


Electrical Building Services Hospitals:

  • Electrical LV distribution upgrades St Camillus Hospital Limerick [2003] 
  • Ballina District Hospital [2003] 
  • St Brendan’s Hospital Loughrea [2003] 
  • St Patrick’s Hospital Carrick-on-Shannon [2002] 
  • St Peter’s Hospital Castlepollard [2004] 

Other electrical building services design projects

  • Lancashire Police: Lancaster DHQ & Preston Operations Centre [2008-2009] 
  • One Hyde Park Apartments, London [2008] 
  • Shannon’s Mill Walsall, multi-use development [2007] 
  • Croft School, Stratford [2006] 
  • Irish National Schools: Skryne, Granard, Tullamore [2002-2004]
  • Sligo Bus Station [2003]
Phone +447-799-891-883

Contact Us
40 Thief Lane, York, North Yorkshire, YO10 3HU, UK

Visit website

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