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The Caribbean Building Contractors Directory is for Builders & Building Contractors working in the Caribbean. The directory Search Facility allows searches for Builders & Building Contractors by Name or by Country. To view other professions, contractors and services provided in the Caribbean, select the appropriate box in the search bar and view the drop down menu.   Click here for International Building Contractors

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Phone +1-345-949-4153
P.O. Box 30161, Coconut Place, Grand Cayman, KY1-1201, Cayman Island
Phone +1-242-326-8424
Po Box Ss-19023, Mount Royal Avenue, Nassau, 19023, Bahamas
Phone +1-246-228-1674
No 436, Pine Road , Baldwinsville, St Michael, Barbados
Phone +1-242-324-8620
Johnson, Terrace Race, Nassau, Bahamas
Phone +1-246-425-7947
1st Floor Lesbea Hall, W'bury Road, Saint Michael, Barbados
Phone +1-767-448-4010
Coco Bottom, Canefield, Dominica
Phone +1-246-425-4219
Building 2, Malvern Lodge, St Michael, Barbados
Phone +1-246-228-1671
1st Lf Lesbea Hill, Newbury Road, St Michael, Barbados
Phone +1-868-665-7292
Warren Road, Cunupia, Trinidad and Tobago
Phone +1-246-424-1023
Lesbea Hall Lear, Woodbur Road, Barbados
Phone +1-784-457-4640
P.O. Box 2345, Glen Calliaqua, Kingstown, St. Vincent
Phone +1-868-625-8931
17 Alfredo Street, Woodbrook, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Phone +1-345-916-5549
P.O. Box 2092, Facsimile, Grand Cayman, KY1-1105, Cayman Island
Phone +1-868-625-7933
2 Bretton Hall-16, Victoria Avenue, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Phone +1-340-775-4100
9 Q Gamble, Nordsidevej, Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, 801, U.S Virgin Island
Phone +1-246-271-3627
Fortescue, St. Philip, Barbados
Phone +1-340-774-5793
Nisky, Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
Phone +1-246-423-2090
P.O. Box 522, Bridgetown, Barbados
Phone +1-868-622-7457
15 Rust Street, St Clair, Trinidad and Tobago
Phone +1-868-659-2674
63 Southern Main Road, Claxton Bay, Trinidad and Tobago
Phone +1-473-443-1370
Belle Vue, St. David, Grenada
Phone +1-868-624-1821
Cruise Ship Complex, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago
Phone +590-590-879-908
Cripple Gate, Marigot, St. Martin
Phone +1-246-436-2164
Roberts Road, Haggatt Hall, St. Michael, Barbados
Phone +1-246-230-2009
222 Atlantic Shores, Christ Church, Barbados
Phone +1-242-326-4201
116 Licoln Boulevard, Nassau, Bahamas
Phone +1-246-437-4513
Frere Pilgrim, Blowers, Bridgetown, St. James, Barbados
Phone +1-784-457-7497
P.O. Box 33, Camden Park Industrial Estate, Kingstown, St. Vincent
Phone +1-345-769-0001
P.O. Box 31849, 2 Warehouse Off Dorcy Drive Industrial Park, Grand Cayman, KY1-1207, Cayman Island
Phone +1-868-675-7642
6 Saddle Road, San Juan, Trinidad & Tobago
Phone +1-246-429-1605
Newbury House, St George, Barbados
Phone +1-340-775-6555
108 W Meadows Door, Edgerton, US Virgin Islands
Phone +1-345-917-2420
P.O. Box 11210, George Town, Grand Cayman, KY1-1008, Cayman Islands
Phone +1-767-448-8021
Upper Fortuna, Roseau, 2396, Dominica
Phone +1-868-639-1566
Wilson Road, Scarborough, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Phone +504-455-7572
Roatan, Honduras
Phone +596-564-408
ZI Petite, Cocotte, Martinique
Phone +596-724-745
24 Rue, Desenclavements, Martinique
931 Shoal Bay Beach, The Valley, Anguilla
Phone +1-246-429-2819
Bridgetown, St. Michael, Barbados
Phone +1-767-448-3113
P.O Box 360, Roseau, Dominica
Phone +1-340-774-9684
Dronningens Gade, Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas, 801, U.S Virgin Island
Phone +1-868-671-4576
49 Main Road, Chaguanas, Trinidad & Tobago
Phone +1-246-423-9718
Duncan, St. Philip, Barbados
Phone +1-242-351-7450
Lowest Settlers Way, Freeport, Nassau, 40700, Bahamas
Phone +1-242-326-8424
P.O. Box N-8880, Mount Royal Avenue, New Providence, Bahamas
Phone +1-246-425-3014
Eagle Ne Street, Georgerand View, Saint Thomas, Barbados
Phone +1-284-495-5338
Gorda Workshop, The Valley, British Virgin Islands
Phone +1-345-949-4666
P.O. Box 711, 253 Dorcy Door Industrial Park, Grand Cayman, KY1-1108, Cayman Island
Phone +1-869-760-6356
P.O Box 1450, Basseterre, St. Kitts
Phone +1-869-469-9403
Oualie Bay, St. Kitts
Phone +1-345-949-4666
P.O. Box 711, 253 Dorcy Door Industrial Park, Grand Cayman, KY1-1108, Cayman Island
Phone +1-473-442-9682
La Mode, Saint Patrick, Grenada
Phone +1-246-271-5270
House #2, Waterford Plantation, Bridgetown, BB111160, Barbados
Phone +1-784-457-4640
Glen, Kingstown, St. Vincent
Phone +501-225-2081
9 1/2 Miles Northern Highway, Ladyville, Belize
Phone +590-590-294-535
6 Quart, Bellevue, Marigot, 97150, St. Martin
Phone +1-869-469-5198
P.O. Box, Clifton Estate, Charlestown, St. Kitts
Phone +1-869-469-5198
Charlestown, Nevis, St. Kitts
Phone +1-242-393-3246
P.O. Box N 399, Marathon Est West, Nassau, Paradise Island, Bahamas
Phone +1-284-494-7235
P.O. Box 978, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Island
Phone +1-345-945-4977
P.O. Box 30864, Grand Cayman, KY1-1204, Cayman Island
Phone +1-246-425-7886
M BB12003 Sreet, Green Hill, St. Lucy, Barbados
Phone +1-246-228-5715
PO. Box: 843E, Ebaneza House, Bank Hall, St. Michael, Barbados
Phone +1-242-364-7264
Johnson Close, Bernard Road, Nassau, 17130, Bahamas
Phone +590-590-875-857
Sandy Ground, Marigot, 97150, St. Martin
Phone +1-758-452-7866
L'Anse Road, Castries, 5305, St. Lucia,
Phone +1-242-325-1742
P.O. Box Sb-50471, Crawford Street, Nassau, Bahamas
Phone +1-246-422-6473
Maynards, St Peter, Barbados
Phone +1-345-946-2277
P.O. Box 1047, George Town, Grand Cayman, KY1-1102, Cayman Island
Phone +1-345-949-1342
P.O. Box 10008, George Town, Grand Cayman, KY11001, Cayman Islands
Phone +506-2215-5014
Escazu, San Jose, Costa Rica
Phone 1767-440-7712
24 Church Lane, Pottersville, Roseau, Dominica
Phone +1-345-949-4880
P.O. Box 10814, Grand Cayman, KY1-1007, Cayman Islands
Phone +1-868-625-1638
Queen & St Vincent Streets, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Phone +596-770-986
8 Imp Sabliere, Fort de France, Martinique
Phone +1-473-440-3571
Mount Gay, St George, Grenada
Phone +1-784-457-2909
Vigie Highway Fountain, Kingstown, 1515, St Vincent
Phone +1-246-435-1629
Eastlyn, St George's, Barbados
Phone +1-246-418-9067
Barbados Golf Club, Suite B Durants, Christ Church, Barbados
Phone +504-662-3656
Santa Rosa de Copan, Copan, Honduras
Phone +1-868-636-1139
261 Pamela Street, Couva, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Phone +1-868-624-7546
9 Park Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago
Phone +1-268-562-1461
P.O. Box W232, Woods Centre, Piccadilly, Antigua
Phone +1-268-562-6422
Bishop Gate Street, Saint John, Antigua
Phone +1-868-644-2316
56 Guayaguayare Road, Rio Claro, Trinidad & Tobago
Phone +1-868-647-3891
Penal, Trinidad & Tobago
Phone +590-590-872-867
Residence Spring, Concordia, Marigot, St. Martin
Phone +1-868-663-9445
17 Streatham Lodge Road, St Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago
Phone +1-868-652-6156
70 Lady Hailes Avenue, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Phone +1-246-429-4030
Chelston Avenue, Culloden Road, Saint Michael, Barbados
Phone +1-868-662-4224
Tragarete Road, Tunapuna, Trinidad and Tobago
Phone +1-868-669-9197
Chin Chin Road, Cunupia, Port of Spain, Trinidad
Phone +1-340-775-2149
289 Agnes Fancy, US Virgin Islands
Phone +1-246-437-4456
8 Frere Pilgrim, Christ Church, Barbados
Phone +1-869-465-1490
Newtown Bay Road, Basseterre, St. Kitts
Phone +1-242-362-4018
Lyford Cay House, Western Road, Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas
Phone +1-345-945-0885
Unit 215 Mirco Centre, 43 GT, George Town, Grand Cayman, KY1-1101, Cayman Islands
Phone +1-284-494-3222
Georges Yard, Road Town, 261, British Virgin Island
Phone +1-340-773-8888
34 La Grande Princesse, Christiansted, St. Croix, U.S Virgin Island

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