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A platinum listing is a great way of presenting your business, service or products. By having a paid listing, your business will be placed above free listings, which are more appropriate for small businesses and sole traders. Your listing will also attract more attention - more clients - more work - more buyers - and more sales.

The above area of text, which appears on the multi-listing pages, is the area where you need to sell your services and get clients or buyers to click on your Listing Page to read more.  This text block you are now reading, should reinforce and expand upon your skills and the quality of your services or products.  We allow unlimited text on Platinum Listings, however its best to write the text specifically as a sales pitch to attract new business - after all, that's why you are doing this.

To help sell your services or products, we can insert static images anywhere within the text fields, to draw further attention to your services.  Make sure the images you send us are the very best you have.  If you are no too good with a camera, don't be shy of asking a professional photographer to take some photos for you, as a high quality image is worth a thousand words. We can take mediocre high resolution and make them look pretty good, but there is nothing quite so good at making a good impresion, as a high quality image, taken by a professional.

We are always happy to help our clients create the best listing, or advertising - so ask us if you want help in formatting your information. The small charge for this help will be more than offset by the improved response you will get from the listing.

Contact us today for a free quotation - all paid listings are 75% discount right now !!!

This is where you can add as much extra text as you want to

Caribbean Advertising on Caribbean Home & House - the best form of Caribbean advertising for anyone in the Caribbean Construction Industry whether you are an architect, surveyor, civil engineer, structural engineer, HVAC engineer, interior designer, project manager, other specialist or consultant, lawyer, building contractor, excavation or demolition contractor, landscape gardener, glazing supplier or specialist, plumber or plumbing supplies company, electrician or electrical supplier, building materials supplier, roofing specialist, or are selling products such as air conditioning and ventilation systems, bathroom wares, bricks, masonry products, entire buildings or building systems, doors and windows, electrical and lighting, flooring materials & finishes, gardening and other outside products such as swimming pools, conservatories and gazebo's, kit houses and pre-drawn house plans and architectural design, kitchens and kitchen fittings, lintels and other wall reinforcements, metal products and hardware, paints and finishes, plumbing fittings, roofing and rainwater systems, safety and security systems, staircases and timber products, stone and concrete products, tools and equipment, wall finishes and anything to do with construction work in the Caribbean


Contact us today for a free quotation - remember all prices are 75% dscount right now !!!



Phone +1-767-449-7814

Contact Us
1 Home Lane, Seaview, Someville, Caribbean

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