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120 Alexander Road, Diego Martin, Westmoorings, Trinidad

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Brian Lewis is a well-known architect and also a keen architectural photographer with over 40 years experience in the Caribbean. Architects are invited to submit entries before 30th November 2012 to be considered for publication in a book "Contemporary Caribbean Architecture"

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The publication is targeted directly at persons with a serious interest in architecture and who are prospective purchasers of architectural services within the Caribbean.

This is an excellent opportunity for architects to showcase their work in what will be the first major publication of its kind on Contemporary Architecture in the Caribbean and architects should not miss this unique opportunity to have their work published as part of an exclusive selection of Contemporary Caribbean Architecture.

This invitation is for projects in the Leeward Islands: Dominica, Guadeloupe, Montserrat, Antigua, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Martin, St. Bart and the Virgin Islands, with the book "Photography for the Windward Island" already complete.

A little more about Brian who was primarily responsible for the book "Manikin: the Art and Architecture of Anthony C. Lewis" published by acla:works in 2009.  Brian is an Associate Member of the American Society of Media Photographers and a member of the Architecture Specialty Group. He has been a  keen photographer for almost fifty years originally inspired by Sir Norman Parkinson, photographer to the Royal Family, and has attended a number of international photographic workshops.

Architects who are interested and who believe they have suitable completed projects are invited to submit a few images of one or more projects to be considered for publication. The emphasis of the publication is on contemporary architecture – please do not submit vernacular, colonial or work other than what may be termed contemporary, as such work will not be included in this publication.

There is no obligation to select any submission.  If selected, the architect will be responsible for arranging access for photography and a license waiver consenting to publication of such photographs from the owner [a template will be provided on request].

LUMIS Photography

Phone +1-868-389-6423

Contact Us
120 Alexander Road, Diego Martin, Westmoorings, Trinidad

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