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Architects in Nicaragua

The Nicaragua Architects directory is arranged alphabetically, with featured architects shown first. The Search Facility allows searches for architects by name. To view other professions, contractors and services in Nicaragua, select the appropriate box in the search bar and view the drop down menu.  Click Here for Regional Architects

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Phone +505-270-8028
Sinsa Ceramica, 1/2 C Al Este, Managua, Nicaragua
Phone +505-266-4463
Brisas Entrada Hospital Lenin Fonseca 5c Al N Mz 18 No.10, Managua, Nicaragua
Phone +505-277-3243
Villa Fontana Fte A Enitel, Managua, Nicaragua
Phone +505-227-62484
Las Colinas, Emb de Espana 2c al E 1/2c al S No.256, Managua, Nicaragua
Phone +505-222-6547
Bo Martha Quezada, Parq 11 de Julio 1/2c Oe No.505, Managua, Nicaragua
Phone +505-276-2151
Igl Santo Domingo, Las Sierritas 1c al Norte 300mts al Este, Managua, Nicaragua
Phone +505 2774888
Unival 1/2c al Sur, Managua, Nicaragua
Phone +505-270-1020
Lomas de Monserrat, Managua, Nicaragua
Phone +505-713-3439
Bo Juno Rodriguez Antiguo, Enabas 1c al Oe 1/2c al S, Managua, Nicaragua
Phone +505-265-3421
Col Molina Semaf, 7 Sur 50mts al N 2c al Oe No.04, Managua, Nicaragua
Phone +505-311-1213
Costado Norte de Catedral, Leon, Managua, Nicaragua
Phone +505-244-0288
Bello Horizonte Iglesia Pio X 2c al , Norte 1c al Oeste N1-3, Managua, Nicaragua
Phone +505-270-6829
Altamira D'Este, Estesa 1/2c al Oe No.754, Managua, Nicaragua
Phone +505-244-2661
Bo Los Angeles Antig, Cine Jardin 3C Al N 1C Al Oe 1/2C Al N, Managua, Nicaragua
Phone +505-713-2517
Ferret Briones, 1 1/2c al E, Managua, Nicaragua
50 total listings

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