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Oesch Environmental Design
Phone +1-434-566-4229

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8672 Schuyler Road, P.O. Box 58, Schuyler, Virginia, VA. 22969, USA

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Environmental Design is a unique art form, analogous to the "pure" arts, which affects the consciousness and experience of the observer. Environmental design however, must embrace a more urgent, far reaching purpose and responsibility, with a direct relationship to the evolution and quality of life on Earth.

Fred Oesch is a highly innovative and award winning designer, who has been designing and building homes and commercial properties for over 30 years and the USA and Caribbean.

Whilst working with traditional construction materials, his specialities include solar design; green timber frame; straw bale construction; living earth roofs, and organic environmental control systems which includes Hydronic Radiant Heating and Cooling.

Fred Oesch (pronounced "Esch" has a Master's Degree in Architecture encompassing the full range of design disciplines :-

  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Design
  • Furnishing Product Design
  • Design and Build Construction

Conducting research on Environmental Design and lecturing at universities in the U.S. and Europe, Fred has practiced Environmental Design, Construction Technology, Product Design, and Fine Art. He has also developed internationally marketed furniture and architectural software. Oesch's projects have been featured on Home and Garden Television, and in numerous newspaper and magazine publications.

Fred received the Virginia Sustainable Building Network 2007 Green Innovation Award in the Best Single Family Residential Project category, the 2009 Green Innovation Award for Best Green Designer and the 2010 Green Innovation Honourable Mention for the Best Green Residential Project.

Besides his other activities, Fred Oesch is also a writer and is currently completing a new book titled, "Symbiotic Living: Elements of Timeless Design & Building Solutions".

Click Here to read Fred's article on Tropical Vegitated Earth Roofs

Fred Oesch is a sole proprietor, however he maintains a close collaboration with many architects, engineers, artisans and contractors, with whom he has maintained a working association for many years.  He prefers to keep his base organization small, as he believes it helps to maintain a greater overall singular vision, project continuity, and cost effectiveness for his client friends. He manages a "Virtual Consortium," assembling highly skilled inter-disciplinary teams for larger projects, rather than maintain a higher overhead and large staff, thereby providing the most site specific and cost effective solutions for each client and project.

Fred Oesch is available for residential or commercial design projects world wide and is happy to provide lecture presentations, or work in teaching design and building skills and techniques.

Oesch Environmental Design  -  8672 Schuyler Road, P.O. Box 58, Schuyler, Virginia, VA. 22969, USA

Tel : +1-434-566-4229                                                                                                                       CONTACT US


Phone +1-434-566-4229

Contact Us
8672 Schuyler Road, P.O. Box 58, Schuyler, Virginia, VA. 22969, USA

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