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Premium Brazilian Decking LLC
Phone +1-352-508-5370

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1207 Sherman Avenue, Tavares, Florida, FL 32778, U.S.A.

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Premium Brazilian Decking, LLC sells premium grade Brazilian Hardwoods, Cedar and Composite Decking plus fasteners and much more. With over 35 years of experience in construction design - not only in softwoods and composite but hardwood decking as well.

Our hardwood decking species include: Ipe, Greenheart, Tigerwood, Garapa and more.  We also have softer woods such as Western Red Cedar and Cypress. Our Composite Decking includes MoistureShield and Latitudes including a marine grade made for docks.

If we do not offer the species that you are looking for, please ask by email, fax or phone-we can get it for you.

We offer free shipping for Ipe and Massaranduba to the shipping consolidator of your choice in Miami, FL, for further shipping to your location.

No job is too big or too small.  Debi and our experienced sales staff will be happy to help you with a quote, drawing, deck designs and more.  We will answer any questions you may have so that when your wood arrives you will be comfortable about your exciting new project.  You will have everything that you need including fasteners, wax for the ends of your boards and the finisher to preserve the colour of your new Brazilian Hardwood Deck.

Whether you are building a new deck for your family to enjoy, a new porch to enhance the beauty of your home or a dock by the water, we have the sizes, lengths and quantities that you need.  We also have new items such as M Brace Brackets that make building garden beds a breeze.  We have pre-assembled Ipe Railings, decorative fascia corners, Fortress Iron and Aluminium railing systems, Deckorator and Nantucket Post Caps and much, much more.  

SkyLift is a great product!  If you want to extend a cover over your patio but your roof line is too low, we have the answer.  SkyLift enables you to start your Pergola above your roof line so even with the angle of your Pergola, you are able to have plenty of head room and open your patio doors.  
Now you don't have to cancel your party plans, you will have cover rain or shine plus shade on those hot summer days!

Sky Lift:
  • Solves any low slope problems or issues
  • The height provides for an extended view and still allows natural light.
  • Higher roof area allows for better air flow.
  • Patio Covers allow for enjoyment rain or shine.
  • The larger your roof pitch, the less chance there is for debris accumulation or leaks on your party!
  • Your gutter system will remain intact, will not be disturbed and will remain easy to maintain.
  • Allows your patio roof to match the slope of your existing roof, allows for more headroom and give you curb appeal.
  • SkyLift uses standard roof jack flashing for a water tight installation.
  • The Engineered SkyLift provides you with structural integrity for peace of mind.
Premium Brazilian Decking, LLC is proud to present Abaco Brazilian Hardwood Decking!  Abaco is an exotic, all natural hardwood that is not only beautiful but is also extremely durable.  Abaco is naturally resistant to decay, rot and insects (including termites).  Abaco has a beautiful reddish color to enhance your deck area or you can let it naturally turn to a silvery gray color if you prefer.  Abaco decking is all natural wood and is not chemically treated in any way.  It is environmentally friendly and has a 25 year limited warranty.  No other hardwood offers this warranty!
Abaco can be installed with Headcote Stainless Steel Color Matched Screws, the Abaco Pro Plug System or the Abaco hidden fastening system for a totally hidden fastener look.
Abaco also is available in a deck railing kit which is code compliant to give your deck that “finishing touch”.  The railing kits are available in 6’ lengths.  If you are using a different handrail system, such as a cable rail system or aluminum balusters, Abaco offers a Hardwood Cap Rail System which will tie your handrail in with your new deck beautifully.
Abaco is also available with  a smooth finish on one face and an elegant moulded side on the other which is not only a contemporary European looks but can also be used as a border or to section off areas of your outdoor living space.  Give you new deck “room dividers” by framing your deck areas with the moulded side.  This moulded side also will give your deck a “picture frame” effect which will also “hide” the ends of your boards.  Using the moulded side near steps lets people know that something is different in the area and to “watch their step”.  You can also use it on the steps themselves.
Abaco is the best choice for your new deck or dock project.  Call or email us today!

Premium Brazilian Decking LLC from now, will be offering DEKOR Dek Dots.
Dek Dots  are a fantastic, new, inventive idea in LED Deck Lighting and LED Patio Lighting.  These LED lights are great! DEKOR has introduced the smallest, brightest and easiest LED deck light, for you to install in your outdoor living space, that you will ever come across. They are available in convenient kits of 8 lights or separate 4 packs. You can add to your 8 light kit, it has the capacity to light 30 of our LED lights.  Dek Dots install flush in any surface from wood to concrete or pavers and are designed to be walked on!

If you are a contractor working on a Customer’s Home or on a large Commercial Job, we can help with all of your project needs.  If you don’t see what you are looking for on our website, please ask-we probably have it!

So please give us a call.  Debi and her sales team are here to help you build the best hardwood deck or dock of your dreams! 

Tel:- +1-352-508-5370
Premium Brazilian Decking  -  Brazilian Hardwood suppliers for the Caribbean

Phone +1-352-508-5370

Contact Us
1207 Sherman Avenue, Tavares, Florida, FL 32778, U.S.A.

Visit website

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