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11801 Industry Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32218, USA

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Southeastern Metals produce over 3,000 metal building products, specializing in metal roofing, ventilation, trims & flashing, steel framing, corner bead and drywall accessories.  We offer a complimentary take off service for metal roofing.  Contact us today for expedited service in sourcing metal roofing and building products.

Southeastern Metals’ strong focus on excellence means our customers can expect superior products and outstanding service every time they call.

Every product is precision engineered and manufactured to the highest standards, promoting greater durability and ensuring structural integrity after installation. Our metal roofing adheres to the strictest standards, being both Miami Dade County, and Florida Building Code approved.

Southeastern Metals’ corporate office and manufacturing base is headquartered on a 300,000 square-foot complex in Jacksonville, Florida, allowing us to service over 1,900 locations in the southeastern United States, the Caribbean and beyond.


Our Metal Roofing Products cover :-

  • 5V Crimp
  • Corrugated
  • SM-Rib
  • Sem-Lok
  • PBR & R Panel
  • Verti-Lok
  • Rock-Lok                                                                                             Click Here for More Details

Our Concrete & Masonry Products cover :-

  • Rebar, Rebar Chairs and Rebar Safety Caps
  • Bar Ties and Bar Tie Tools
  • Concrete Expansion Joint
  • Anchor Bolts and Washers
  • Dovetail Anchor to anchor walls to cast concrete
  • Wall Ties
  • Cavity Caps
  • Pier Caps
  • Termite Shield                                                                                        Click Here for More Details

Our Drywall Corner Bead Products cover :-

  • Drywall Corner Bead
  • Bullnose Corner Bead
  • Arched Corner Bead
  • Vinyl Corner Bead
  • Vinyl Bullnose Corner Bead
  • J Beads
  • L Beads                                                                                               Click Here for More Details

Our Fascia & Soffit Products cover :-

  • H Molding                                                                                      Click Here for More Details

Please visit our website for Steel Framing Products, Stucco & Plaster Products; Trims & Flashings or Ventilation Products.

Our staff are waiting to assist you in sourcing metal roofing and building products for your next project.

Phone +1-800-874-0335

Contact Us
11801 Industry Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32218, USA

Visit website

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