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Roofing Contractors & Specialists in Barbados

The Barbados Roofing Specialists & Contractors Directory is for Roofing Contractors & Specialists serving Barbados. The directory Search Facility allows searches for Roofing Contractors & Specialists by Name or by Country. To view directories for other professions, contractors and services provided in Barbados, select a box in the search bar and view the drop down menu.   Click here for Regional Roofing Contractors & Specialists

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Phone +1-767-449-7814
Caribbean Main Agent : Caribbean Land and Property Ltd.
A water-based acrylic styrene copolymer waterproofer, that is ideal for all kinds of surfaces such as asphalt sheeting, PVC, concrete, mortar and ceramic tiles etc. Quickly and simply applied without specialised tools. The product provides a continuous joint free waterproof roofing and is available in a choice of 6 colours.
Phone +1-246-428-6300
5 Averly, Christ Church, Barbados
Phone +1-246-420-8079
Salem Street Law Gap, Christ Church, Barbados
Phone +1-246-421-7052
128 Bagatelle Terr, Barbados
Phone +1-246-427-0022 | Fax +1-246-429-7139
22 Webster Indus Pk Wildey, Saint Michael, Barbados
Phone +1-246-426-2882
Lears, St Michael, Barbados
Phone +1-246-422-8453
Greenlands, Bridgetown, St. Andrew, Barbados
Phone +1-246-426-2458
Lr Estate, St Michael, Barbados
Phone +1-246-425-1457
P.O. Box 5144 Warrens, St. Michael, Barbados
Phone +1-246-248-1974
Sinckler Road Haggatt Hall, St. Michael, Barbados
Phone +1-246-426-2882
Lears Quarry, St. Michael, Barbados
Phone +1-246-425-0516
Browne's Gap Jackson, Saint Michael, Barbados
Phone +1-246-437-7663
39 Plum Tree Road Blowers, St. James, Barbados
Phone +1-246-428-3283
143 Park Road Chancery Lane, Christ Church, Barbados
Phone +1-246-228-9477 | Fax +1-246-228-9896
Upst Sturdee Building Lear Bank Hall, Saint Michael, Barbados
18 total listings

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